How everything starts

What does a river has to do with the petroleum industry? You wouldn’t think of how much these two are related, this through the concept of DEPOSITIONAL SYSTEM. This is a geological concept, so in our PETROLEUM GEOLOGY page, you will find more about this. To start up with this and calm down your curiosity, we need to clear our minds and understand that petroleum is naturally stored inside the sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks are porous media, like sponges, but with very tiny holes or pores where the oil is lying under natural conditions.

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See More about Porous Media

These rocks are being transported and deposited by the river, which is a system that is dynamic due to the energy it carries. When the currents get stucked or lose energy, these rocks deposit and accumulate on the ground underwater or nearby and then produce potential reservoir rocks that with the pass of millions of years and help of Pressure and Temperature high ranges, and organic matter presence (like from plants or previously existing animals), will become into hydrocarbon saturated chained compounds like those present in Petroleum.



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